Visit These 5 Bridges in Venice

Photo by jpeter2 from Pixabay

The bridges and canals of Venice attract countless visitors every year. The marble Rialto Bridge is one of the iconic sights.

Pedestrians cross the Grand Canal over this wide-arched bridge and visit the shops on either side.

The Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge’s Palace with the prisons. Prisoners had their final sight of the city as they crossed the bridge and were led to their cells. The canal beneath the bridge is a well-known kissing spot.

The Academy Bridge (Ponte dell Accademia) is one of the bridges spanning the Grand Canal and features a high arch. The Galleria dell Accademia, a famous museum, is found by this bridge.

The Ponte delle Gugli is the only bridge in Venice with metal spires. The bridge is made of stone and brick and its arch is decorated with gargoyles. It’s not far from the Rialto Bridge and close to the Venezia Santa Lucia train station.

The Calatrava Bridge is controversial because of its modern appearance. It was a built to link the Santa Lucia Rail Station to Piazza Roma, a car park and a bus depot.  It’s the final bridge of four to span the Grand Canal and provides a stark contrast to the others.