Visiting Athens? Check Out These Hotspots

Plaka, Athens, Greece
Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

The capital of Greece is a must-see city. From its vibrant port to its stunning ancient ruins, Athens is a city that has made its mark on the world map. If you’re planning a trip to the Greek capital, make sure these hotspots find a place on your itinerary.

The Acropolis

An absolute must-see, and the image most people have when they think of Athens, this ancient site is one of the most prestigious in the world. The most famous ancient structure here is the Parthenon, the temple built for the goddess Athena who was the patron deity of Athens, but there are several other foundations and buildings, some of which date as far back as 570 BCE. As well as the ancient sites, take in the view of the modern city from the flat rock that the Acropolis sits on. Be warned, striking out for the top in the heat of the midday sun is to be avoided. Get there early or enjoy an evening stroll around the ruins to soak up the atmosphere without getting sunstroke.

The Acropolis Museum

Once you’ve seen the Acropolis, head to its museum which houses many of the precious artefacts which have been found around the ancient sites by archaeologists. These include some beautiful marble statues, coins, offerings to the goddess Athena and other deities, and some stunning mosaics. The museum also has a lovely café, where you can get a refreshment if all the history is proving a little much.


Visit the neighborhood of Plaka, situated beneath the hillside on which the Acropolis sits. Walk through its winding streets, visit its tiny jewelry shops, stop for an espresso or ouzo, and just enjoy the relaxed vibe of this gem. You can even catch an al fresco movie, at the Cine Paris, to go with your evening meal at one of the delightful tavernas.

Athens can sometimes be forgotten, as visitors flock to the islands of Greece with their azure seas and pristine sands. But don’t overlook the capital—whether you use it as a base from which to explore other parts of Greece, or if you book a long weekend, you are sure to have a fantastic and fascinating stay in this ancient place.