What Is In Uruguay? A Lot, Actually

Photo by Rafael Kellermann Streit on Unsplash

Whether you’re fantasizing about the Amazon or the ancient ruins of Guatemala, South America is a continent with a lot to offer. Many countries often get missed out on the traveler radar, and while this is a shame, it also means that you can avoid the tourists while seeing some amazing things.

Uruguay is one of these underrated countries, where you can find many hidden gems. Here are some of our favorites.

Punta del Este

If there was ever a place to get the perfect sunset pic, it’s Punta del Este. It’s a great spot for people watching and the beach is lush.

Laguna Garzon

Laguna Garzon is a quiet spot where you can watch wildlife in its natural habitat. If you fancy staying the night, there is a magical floating lodge where you can stay.

Jardín Botánico de Montevideo

The Botanical Museum and Gardens in the Prado neighborhood offer a stunning collection of plants and wildlife. It’s a beautiful spot for sightseeing and immersing oneself in nature.


Museo del Carnaval

Immerse yourself in the soul of the city in the little Museo del Carnaval. The wonderful and colorful costumes and masks will help you to appreciate the vibrant country of Uruguay.


You won’t be short of things to do in Montevideo. It is home to some curious and historical architecture along with many museums and a thriving culture.