What to Always Pack in Your Carry-On

Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

It’s everybody’s worst travel nightmare: getting to your destination and finding out that your bag has been lost. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared for it by smartly packing your carry-on so you’ll have what you need to survive without your checked luggage should you have to. In the spirit of being safe (not sorry), here are some must-have carry-on items.


Even if your bag doesn’t get lost, you’ll appreciate being able to refresh after your flight with some toothpaste, deodorant, and moisturizer after that dry airplane air wreaks its havoc on your skin.

A Change of Clothes

In the worst case, packing a change of clothes will ensure you’ll have something to wear at your destination while you shop for new clothes. And a change of underwear is extra important!


If you take any medications, you want to be sure that you’ll have them with you when you land.

Portable Charger

You never know how long you’ll end up being without access to a plug while you’re traveling. Keeping a portable battery and charger in your carry-on will ensure you won’t lose power to your phone, without which we can barely function these days.