Where to Find the Best Vegan Sushi in Japan

Photo by Klara Avsenik on Unsplash

If you’re a vegan sushi lover, you might think that Japan is not the ideal destination for you, but don’t let that misconception get in the way of your travel plans. The word “sushi” doesn’t actually have anything to do with fish. Instead, it translates to something like “sour” in Japanese, in reference to the vinegar used in preparing sushi rice. While it’s true that sushi is often associated with raw fish, Japan is home to some amazing sushi restaurants with vegan menus just as extensive as their fishy counterparts. Here are a few of our favorites:


Gonpachi is a popular Japanese restaurant located on the 14th floor of the E-Space Tower in Shibuya, Tokyo. Vegans and vegetarians alike are sure to enjoy its dedicated plant-based menu, which contains options for sushi, tempura, noodles, and more.

Sushi Sansui

40 minutes north of Tokyo, in the city of Saitama, you’ll find Sushi Sansui, a small sushi restaurant run by traditional sushi chefs. Sansui offers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options made with ingredients like okra, broccoli, and mushrooms. 

Katsumidori Seibu

For a traditional conveyor belt sushi experience, be sure to check out Katsumidori Seibu in the Udagawachō district of Shibuya, Tokyo. Non-vegan guests are free to take fish, while plant-based travelers are free to choose from plates made with cucumber, avocado, and even eggplant.