Why Perth, Australia Should be Next on Your List

Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia.
Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia. Photo by Nathan Hurst on Unsplash

Australia is a majorly popular destination for people worldwide. When you think of Australia, chances are you’ll be envisioning sunshine, beaches, cool wildlife, and friendly people. Perth is the perfect mixture of these enticing qualities and therefore should be next on your travel list. Here are some reasons why.

The Beaches

If you’re after a city that has loads going on and yet also some of the best beaches around, then Perth is your place. Huge sandy beaches line the city’s coastline, and you can try your hand at various watersports. Additionally, you can simply take in the wonderful nature around you.

The Culture

Perth is home to some major cultural spots, including world-class ballet, opera, theatre, and art galleries. You won’t run out of incredible events to attend, or fantastic sites to see. Perth is the ideal place to embrace culture and nature simultaneously. 

The Sunshine

Perth is known as one of the sunniest cities in Australia. You’ll be happy just wandering around by the sea in the sunshine and enjoying the relaxed Aussie way of life. The sunshine and sea also help to make this city one of the friendliest places to be.