Why Seychelles Should Be Your Next Traveling Destination

Image via Imgur

Located at the crossroad between Asia and Africa, this archipelago is one of the world’s most beautiful tropical island destinations. Seychelles is the second richest country in Africa and it is made of 115 small islands, the majority are still inhabited.

If you are planning on visiting this archipelago, you should plan your trip either in April, May, October or November when the weather is perfect. The climate is hot and humid with an average yearly temperature of 29 Celsius. However, there is also a refreshing sea breeze that will help you fight the humidity.

Seychellers do not tolerate tourist without accommodation booked in advance. In case you do that, you will be taken to a counter where you will have to book and pay for accommodation. You will also be obligated to provide details of the place where you are staying; name, address and phone number.

Hotels are expensive, so if you should rent an apartment or bungalow, which is much cheaper.

In addition to beautiful beaches and resorts, you should also explore the capital. Victoria city offers great shopping and nightlife adventures. Night clubs such as Lovenut, Tequila Boom and Katiolio will freshen up your evenings.