Why Venice Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day Destination

Venice is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, if not in the entire world. If you are looking for an extra special Valentine’s getaway this year, here are five compelling reasons why Venice should be on your list.

The Food

Italian food needs no introduction. If you are a fan of pizza, pasta, and ice cream, Venice is paradise for your tastebuds. For the best ice cream you’ll ever try, we recommend Suso. It’s vegan friendly too.

It Has Something For All Budgets

The great thing about Venice is that you can soak up the city without spending a penny. Walking around the charming alleys and popping into the local galleries is completely free. This means you can spend your budget on food and accommodation.

You Can Take a Gondola

Venice is the only place in the world you can take an authentic gondola ride. Many boats try to replicate the gondola, but you will only get the real thing in Venice. For extra romance, you can request an operatic singer to accompany you down the river.


Romance At Every Corner

In Venice, you will find romance on every corner. From the talented buskers to the charming bridges and beautiful architecture, it is the perfect city for falling in love over and over again.


The Hotels

Venice offers some of the most luxurious and romantic hotels in Italy. Pretty much wherever you stay, you will wake up to a gorgeous view of the river. You also don’t need to worry about being kept up by the road traffic, because there are no cars in Venice.