Why You Should Cruise Instead Of Flying To Your Next Vacation

Photo by Adam Gonzales on Unsplash

For many of us, flying is viewed as the default mode of transport to our next holiday destination. What many of us don’t realize is that cruises offer travel benefits as well as experiences that cannot be substituted. Here are the main reasons why you should cruise instead of flying to your next vacation.

Your Vacation Begins As You Board

When flying, your vacation only begins once you’ve arrived at your destination. On cruises, however, the fun begins the moment you board the ship, with swimming pools, shopping, spas, and sightseeing already at your fingertips. This makes cruising a better use of your time.

Less Stress

Once you get to the airport, there is an array of security checks, passport control, and crowds to navigate, making for a stressful travel experience. By boarding a cruise ship, you no longer have to worry about such bureaucracy, allowing you to focus more on enjoying the journey.


On a cruise, you don’t have to plan what activities to do as your itinerary is already organized for you. In addition to planning which destinations to take you to, cruise companies also plan an array of fun activities on board, including kids’ clubs, sports, music concerts, and games such as bingo.