Restaurants In London For Travelers That Love International Tastes

London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom. Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

The pride of the United Kingdom, London is rich with British history and culture. Still, as a major international travel and business hub, this bustling city is filled with restaurants bringing you culinary delights from across the world. Here are some highly recommended restaurants in London for travelers in search of international flavors.


If you’re craving the juicy taste of a Mexican taco or perhaps a sweet yet tangy Mezcal cocktail, then KOL is the place to be. Located in London’s West End, this Mexican-British fusion restaurant is also an ideal place to hold private parties, Christmas dinners, and grab drinks after work.


Are you searching for obscure flavors that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else? Then Paradise is for you. This traditional Sri Lankan restaurant boasts a wide range of scrumptious dishes, from the Ceylonese spiced prawn skewers to the pollock curry.


Stylized as a Mediterranean restaurant, Bacchanalia offers an extensive range of dishes from across the Mediterranean coast. From the elegant wine menu including the Greek Domaine Skouras wine as well as an array of classic Italian dishes, Bacchanalia is an ideal restaurant if you’re in search of a wholesome feast.