Wineries To Visit in Novigrad, Croatia

Image by Zdravko Rajko from Pixabay

Croatian vino dates back almost 2,500 years, when the Greeks settled in the country. Croatia is an ideal location to grow various grape types for wine thanks to its hillsides; there are around 300 areas where grapes thrive, making it a great place to visit for wine lovers.

Beer is also very popular in Croatia as well as spirits made from nuts and fruits called rakija, which is also a popular alcoholic drink in Bulgaria. Check out these places for the best vino.

Hvar Island

Croatian wine has a delicious flavor and their wines on the Dalmation Coast are raved about by both locals and tourists alike. The ambiance is rich and the waters off the coast are full of beautiful yachts, so you can sip a cold glass of white wine while enjoying the view of the sea.

Momento Grill House

This place is perfect to visit for families and friends who want a break from walking around the city. Besides having both white and red wine, they also have delicious pizzas with a stunning sunset view.

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