Feel at Home at Bahay Kalipay in the Philippines

Photo by Jiemei Lin on Unsplash

Tucked away in the jungles of Puerto Princesa Palawan lies a relaxing retreat house that whisks you away to a peaceful world. Upon stepping onto the grounds, you’ll feel an instant wave of calmness, and you’ll see smiling faces welcoming you at the gate.

Puerto Princesa in Palawan is famous for its natural coves and turquoise blue waters. They even have lagoons for you to swim in and spend the afternoon eating fresh seafood. This magical city is the perfect place for a yoga and detox center. Read on to see what you can do there.

Raw Food Workshop

Bahay Kalipay in Tagalog means “the house of happiness.” This name is perfectly fitted to the type of ambiance you can feel there. They have a variety of workshops, including a raw food workshop, where instructors teach you about keeping the body alkaline by ingesting mostly raw vegetables and making sauces from scratch. They have practitioners who are skilled in their crafts and rearing to share their knowledge with you.

Yoga Retreat

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and stretch your tense limbs, then you’ve found the right place. They have week-long yoga workshops and even longer if you prefer to immerse yourself fully. Besides yoga classes, they also have meditation workshops to help you re-center. In a beautiful setting such as this, you’ll feel extremely refreshed when you leave.