Chilaquiles: The Savory Traditional Mexican Dish

Photo by Mike Mayer on Unsplash

Mexican food is famous for its plethora of delicious treats, including quesadillas, burritos, tacos, enchiladas and much more. The combination of flavors and Mexican spices just explodes in your mouth and the mix of sour cream and guacamole balances the spicy taste of nachos quite well.

Chilaquiles is another great type of Mexican dish that’s an absolute must-try. It is primarily eaten at breakfast. Here are the many ways Chilaquiles can be eaten, and how they make for an amazing party dish.

Eat it on a Bed of Fries

Chilaquiles is a versatile dish that can be eaten plain, with nachos or even on a bed of crispy fries. It’s usually topped with a sour cream sauce and onion rings, sprinkled with fresh avocado and tomatoes. Oftentimes, they’ll chuck in an egg for extra protein.

Salsa Fever

Salsa is one of the main ingredients in this savory dish. While chilaquiles is traditionally made with white sauce, in Tamaulipas (on the northeast part of Mexico) cooks use tomato sauce instead of white sauce.