How Not to Feel Lonely When Traveling Alone

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Travelling is an amazing feeling of freedom and discovery. You find out things about yourself that you never knew you could do.

But travelling also comes with its limitations and downsides. The lonely bug can come and bite you at times when you least expect it. It can be while you’re in a van driving through the desert, or even when you’re swimming in a lake on a sunny afternoon.

To keep it at bay, follow these quick and easy steps which you can do almost anywhere.

Try Journaling

One of the best things to do when you travel is to reflect on your trip. “Where am I going next?” or “What do I want to see?” All these thoughts are relevant and valid and will help you realize where your loneliness stems from. It’s also a great way to record fun experiences you’ve been having for the past few weeks.

Pick up a New Hobby

One of the greatest things about travelling is that it’s a never-ending journey. Learn a new language. Learn the ingredients of an exotic dish. Try riding a camel. The possibilities are endless! Keep yourself busy enough so you won’t have time to entertain the lonely bug!

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