The Best Belgian Waffles Can Be Found in Ghent

Image by patikaipmuzika from Pixabay

Contrary to popular belief, Belgian waffles aren’t only popularly consumed in Belgium, they’re pretty famous in different parts of North America and regions in Europe. This tasty square treat is usually packed with fruit syrups or maple syrups in its pockets, and it’s usually topped with fruits and even whipped cream in the United States.

This is certainly a favorite treat and when visiting Europe, it’s a must-try this with a nice cup of warm coffee.

Visit Brasserie Agrea

In the city of Ghent, lies a quaint little cafe that sports some of the tastiest waffles and coffee. It’s located in the center of the city and is a wonderful place to have breakfast or even brunch with your best friends. Try the goat cheese salad, people have raved over it.

Visit Mokabon Cafe

Mokabon is one of the most talked-about cafes in the city of Ghent in Belgium. The interior and vibe of the place is welcoming and relaxed which makes it the perfect place to chill at the end of the day. Unwind with a cappuccino Italiano while chewing on a moist waffle.