Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart’s Library is a Dreamy Labyrinth

Photo by Max Langelott on Unsplash

Germany is famous for its delicious sausages, cheap beers and bike-friendly cities. It isn’t just about the taste of the craft beers or the food that they concoct, but also has a lot to do with culture and creating the best quality.

Germans are famous for following things by the book when it comes to time, so their food certainly doesn’t disappoint. Besides being a foodie country, they have beautiful sites to visit, including libraries.

The Stadtbibliothek Public Library

The Stadtbibliothek Public Library (wow that word is a mouthful!) stands tall in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. Its exterior looks polished from the outside and contains a whole new world inside. It was designed by a Korean architect names Eun Young Yi. If you’re looking to experience a break from walking around the busy streets of Germany, you’ll certainly find solace here.

Glows at Night

One of the great features of this building is that it glows a vibrant blue hue in the evening. When you enter the library, you’ll notice that the walls are high and the interior is well-lit, perfect for any book worm to curl up with their favorite poetry book.