Word on the Street: 4 Naples Street Foods You Have to Try

Naples Street Foods
Photo by Mario Esposito on Unsplash

Most people know Naples as the unofficial capital of southern Italy, with one of its most famous attractions being its rich culinary heritage. This Italian city offers a diversity of street foods that’ll leave your taste buds longing for more. As you travel through its busy streets, be sure to indulge in these street delicacies for a complete Neapolitan experience.


If you have a sweet tooth, sfogliatella is a pastry that will send you straight to dessert heaven. This shell-shaped, carb-rich treat is usually filled with ricotta cheese, almond paste, or citrus peel. Whether you opt for sfogliatella riccia (curly) or sfogliatella frolla (smooth) version, you’re bound for a yummy delight.

Pizza Margherita

This might sound basic, but hey – sometimes, basic is best. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, and trying out a traditional Margherita is a must. Head to a local pizzeria and relish in the simplicity of fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, and a bit of olive oil on a thin, chewy crust. The combination of top-notch ingredients and traditional wood-fired ovens makes Naples’ Pizza Margherita a world-famous culinary delight.

Fried Pizza (Pizza Fritta)

OK, so, deep-fried pizza. Is any further explanation needed? Seriously, this popular Neapolitan street food invites diners into the realm of culinary perfection. This oily delicacy is made by folding pizza dough around ricotta, salami, ham, or veggies, then deep-frying the whole thing. What are you waiting for? Go grab one from the nearest street vendor.

Cuoppo di Mare

Seafood enthusiasts will love the Cuoppo di Mare, which is essentially a paper cone (well, that part’s not for eating) filled with various types of deep-fried seafood. From calamari and shrimp to small fish, this Naples street food is sure to have you drooling. Enjoy your cuoppo as you stroll along the seafront, watch the sunset, or just sit on a street bench – everything goes.