Would You Dare To Try These Extreme Zambian Dishes?

Photo: marcus.meek/Instagram

Zambia, the former British colony, is a southern African country with very unique cuisine that is not suitable for everyone’s stomach. We serve to you the most popular dishes in this south-central African country.


Nshima is considered as a staple food in Zambia. It is made from cornflower processed into a fine white powder called “mealie meel” cooked in water. It looks like a thicker version of porridge and it is served with meat and vegetables.

Fried Caterpillar

Ifinkubala is a true Zambian delicacy. However, if insects are not your thing, keep on scrolling, because this dish is made of fried caterpillars. It is usually served with tomatoes, onions and nshima and can be enjoyed with beer.

Flying Ants

Another dish prepared of insects. Inswa is a snack made of flying ants fried in oil is full of protein.


Chikanda is known as the Zambian sausage or African polony. However, it does not contain any meat, it is actually a 100% vegetarian dish made of brownish, whitish tubers of orchid that look like small potatoes and pounded groundnuts.


Kapenta is extremely important in the local diet in terms of protein. It is a small, dried fish that is fried in oil, tomatoes and onions.