You Must Try These Five Foods While Visiting Baltimore

When people think of Baltimore, Hairspray, The Wire, and the Inner Harbor usually come to mind. But many people overlook the amazing food and drinks that can’t be found in other cities. Next time you visit Charm City, make sure you try these food items.

Maryland Blue Crab

When in Baltimore you have to have Maryland blue crab. The crab actually turns red when it’s steamed and it can be enjoyed steamed, in a soft shell, in crab dib, or as crab cake.

Old Bay

We couldn’t mention crabs without talking about Old Bay. The spice can also be enjoyed with mac and cheese, popcorn, French fries, chicken, and potato salad.

Natty Boh

This beer first brewed in the city in 1885, is a staple at any college in Maryland. Sip on it at an Orioles game or on a hot summer’s day.


When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing more refreshing than a snowball. Snowballs are shaved ice with flavored syrups that are sometimes topped with marshmallows. The most popular flavors are Tuitti Fruitti, Egg Custard, and Skylight.

Berger Cookies

These soft vanilla cookies topped with thick chocolate ganache icing were brought to Baltimore by the Berger family and they’re loved by Baltimoreans.