You should check out Manuel Antonio National Park

Image by @Dan Nevill / Flickr

When visiting Costa Rica there is countless beautiful parks and beaches to explore but Manuel Antonio National Park should absolutely not be missed. The community around the park is full of nightlife, hotels, and restaurants all within walking distance.

Manuel Antonio is the perfect vacation for both the relaxing and exploring traveler. The park is filled with wild animals, lush botanical wonders, and beautiful sandy beaches. The beaches are part of the national park so this coast is protected and well maintained making the water clear and the views drop dead gorgeous!

Throughout the jungle which borders the beach. The trails are very low intensity so this location is well suited for families or less athletic individuals. The park is so relaxing you may be tempted to doze off in the sand.

But before you do, be sure to hide your food when traveling through the park, the monkeys in Manuel Antonio are not shy and expert thieves (but very adorable).

Image by @ryanacandee / Flickr