3 Beautiful Parks You Should Check Out in Lima, Peru

Lima is one of the most beautiful capitals of Latin America, and if you don’t feel that way—a sneak peek inside its most beautiful parks will prove you wrong. These three parks perfectly capture the natural whimsy of Peru’s capital city.

Park of the Reserve

Located in the very heart of Lima, between two of the city’s principal streets, this park is impossible to miss. Make sure to check it out in the evening, when its Magic Fountain lights up with countless bright colors.

Park of Love

Inspired by Barcelona’s Parc Guell, this park is one of Lima’s most picturesque locations thanks to its colorful mosaics carved in stone. It’s also home to Victor Delfín’s sculpture “El Beso,” and it offers some of the most beautiful views in the city thanks to its oceanfront location.

Olive Grove Forest

Olive Grove Forest is one of Lima’s most peaceful natural oasis, and you’ll like it even more once you know the incredible story behind it. All of 1,600 olive trees on its premises grew from only three olive tree saplings brought from Spain to Peru.