3 Healthy and Easy Snacks to Eat on a Plane

Photo by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

As we embark on our various travels around the world, our minds are concerned with a variety of important things: our destination, our itinerary, what clothes we should take… you get the picture. One thing we usually don’t concern ourselves with is what food we’re going to take on the plane. This is for good reason, because food is usually served on the plane, and in any case, it’s hard to bring food on the plane. However, here are three healthy snacks that are super tasty and practical to bring with you.

Granola Bars

Oatmeal, or just oats in general, is one of the trendiest health kicks that people have been on over the last few years. Granola bars allow you to get your oat fill on a plane without any of the mess or hassle.


Whether you’re a big fan of cashews, peanuts, chestnuts, or any of the other usual suspects, this is a great snack option to take on a plane. We highly recommend you take some with you on your next big trip.

Beef Jerky

But if you’re really not in the mood for oats or nuts and just want some good old-fashioned smoked meat, beef jerky is the best possible option you can do. It’s tasty, practical, and even healthy within the right context.