3 Mysterious Underground Cities Around The World

Photo: chiefhardy/Pixabay

While underground cities in Canada are essential for surviving cold winters, others around the world have curious stories behind them. Here are three underground that which we would not want to spend the night alone in.

Beijing Underground

Back in 1969, a series of tunnels were built beneath the city as a precaution in case of attack. The tunnels contained homes, schools and entertainment spaces, but it was mostly designed as a place of defense. Nowadays, it’s a tourist attraction but some citizens have been caught living in the tunnels illegally.

City of the Gods, Egypt

Beneath the ancient structures of the Pyramids of Giza lies an abandoned city. The city is made up of several tunnels and chambers and archaeologists are still trying to figure out how and why it was built. Some people are still skeptical the city exists at all, which has been named by research as the “City of the Gods.”

Paris Catacombs

The Paris catacombs were built in the 18th century to contain the dead. Some sections remain open as a tourist attraction but it can be easy to get lost if you go in alone. Rumor has it that some explorers have wound their way in, but have died trying to find their way out. Spooky.