5 Reasons to Visit Lombok, Indonesia Over Bali

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Don’t get us wrong, Bali is absolutely beautiful. It is a paradise island that offers some of Indonesia’s most breathtaking culture and nature. That said, much of Bali has been adapted for tourists and so if you are coming back year after year, you may not feel like you are truly getting to know Indonesian culture. Head on a fast boat over to Lombok, however, and you will experience a whole new flavor of the mysterious country. Here are five reasons to go against the grain and visit Lombok.

It’s Cheaper

Lombok is less touristy than Bali which means hotels and homestays are available for a fraction of the price. Food and amenities are also significantly cheaper and so if you are traveling on a budget, this may be the push you need to switch up Bali for Lombok.

Gili Islands

Gili Islands are reason enough on their own to visit Lombok. The three islands all have different personalities but share a paradise feel. White sands, turquoise water and plenty of turtles put the Gili beaches in a league of their own.

The Surfing

The surfing in Bali’s Kuta beach is great, but the surfing in Kuta, Lombok, is even better. The beaches are also less busy, so you can enjoy surfing without fear of bumping into other tourists.

The Authentic Culture Is More Accessible

The Lombok locals are less used to tourists than the Bali locals. This means they are often curious by travelers and want to share their culture. Balinese culture is incredible, but it can sometimes be difficult to access outside of the context of a tour you pay for.

Pink Beaches, Orangutangs, Waterfalls

Both Bali and Lombok contain many wonders. If you have been to Bali several times, you may be tempted to head over to Lombok to experience different kinds of landscapes. In addition to rice fields, waterfalls, and great snorkeling, you can visit one of the world’s only pink beaches and hang out with orangutans in Indonesia’s conservation park.