5 Unmissable Destinations In The Galapagos Islands

Photo by TR Davis on Unsplash

Nearly 200 years after Darwin visited the Galapagos archipelago in the Pacific, it has become a desirable tourist destination. More recently, David Attenborough’s documentaries have highlighted the diversity of plant and animal species there. Here are five destinations you should definitely check out if you are inspired by nature.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the main islands in the Galapagos. It caters to tourist needs and is a good place to start to get your bearings. Don’t forget to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station while you are there. The station is home to giant tortoises and other incredible reptiles, including the marine iguana. You can even see little sharks under the pier at sunset.

North Seymour

This island really showcases the magnificent plant and animal species. It is one of the smaller locations but has a wealth of birds and fascinating creatures to observe. From blue-footed boobies to the red bulging frigatebirds, this is definitely a destination not to be missed. You may even spot wolf seals if you are lucky.


If you are looking to escape somewhere more remote – Isabella is the ideal location. It is less touristy and is home to hundreds of wild tortoises, penguins, flamingoes, marine iguanas and so many more. It is also renowned for its incredible sunset views.

Black Turtle Cove

Located in Santa Cruz, this mangrove estuary supports a hive of wildlife. You have to visit by a local dingy, due to the National Park’s strict regulations concerning eco-tourism. The cove is an ideal place to see rays, sea turtles, sea lions, and pelicans.

The Sea

Exploring the waters is a must in the Galapagos. Whether it’s sharks or sea turtles, the waters are thriving with marine life. Whatever island you visit, there will be the opportunity to swim on a tour or independently. Look out for seahorses, giant lobsters, rays and an amazing array of fish.