A Guide to the Neighborhoods of Vienna

Vienna is one of the grandest cities in Europe. It boasts extravagant architecture, remarkable nature-city views, and luxurious shopping and dining. Here are the neighborhoods you cannot miss during your trip.

Innere Stadt

Innere Stadt was once the center of the Habsburg Empire. Now, it’s a charming neighborhood that boasts elegant Viennese architecture, monuments, and churches. It’s a major tourist spot and you’ll see horse-drawn carriages and plenty of buskers playing classical music for the passersby.


Naschmarkt food market is famous in Europe for its fantastic atmosphere and a vast selection of food stalls. You will find more than 120 stalls and restaurants offering everything from baked goods to Viennese cheese. The streets in the Naschmarkt area are filled with charming coffee shops and brunch places.

Danube Canal

If you visit Vienna in the summer, there’s nothing better than sitting on the edge of the Danube and enjoying an ice cold beer. There are all kinds of bars and cafes along the beach front and the entire area is buzzing with life and youthful energy.