A Rainbow World: These Are The Most Breathtaking Colorful Natural Spots On Our Planet

Image by nyan8 from Pixabay

If you find yourself drawn towards color, these natural spots will take your breath away. Here is a guide to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world in accordance with the colors of the rainbow.

RED: Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Antelope Canyon is created through erosion. You will see bright reds and oranges with golden hues.

PURPLE: Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan

Kawachi Fuji Garden looks like something fresh out of a fairytale. You can lose yourself in a sea of purple wisteria flowers at springtime.

BLUE: Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

If blue is your color, you can witness the sea of blue nemophilia flowers in spring. The park truly is a spectacular sight to behold.

PINK: Lake Hillier, Australia

The high salt content in Lake Hillier creates its famous pink color. You can visit by boat or fly over.

YELLOW: Canola Flower Fields, China

Lose yourself in the canola flowers of Yunnan. The yellow fields stretch as far as your eye can see and have a gorgeous golden hue.

GREEN: Cat Ba National Park, Vietnam

There are plenty of places to lose yourself in a sea of green, but the National Park in Cat Ba is truly a place of natural beauty.