A Stay At Song Saa Private Island

Have you ever dreamed of staying on a private island in the middle of Southeast Asia? If you haven’t, then you will after learning about Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia. This is one of the most luxurious private island resorts in the world, and it draws celebs and eco-minded guests to it each year. 

The Accommodations

Song Saa only has private detached villas—to provide their guests with absolute privacy. There are waterfront, overwater, and jungle view villas to choose from. Each one comes with a private splash pool, views of the ocean, and luxe furnishings designed for the ultimate relaxation experience. Prices start at $890 per night.


The island offers regular resort activities like snorkelling, diving, and sea kayaking. They also offer special activities like private movie screenings with a projector, nature treasure hunts, and daily meditation by the water.

The Foundation

As the resort is built on an island, the owners wanted to ensure as little impact as possible was made on the natural biosphere. They created a foundation for the conservation of the land and the surrounding Koh Rong region. The foundation has established a marine reserve, which is the first of its kind within Cambodia.

A stay here will benefit both you and the environment.