Best Cocktail Cities Across the United States

Drinks in Denver, Colorado
Photo by Alex Voulgaris on Unsplash

If you love sampling all sorts of unique cocktails or perhaps just want to enjoy a few thrilling nights out, then you’re in luck—the United States is home to a host of sprawling cities filled with bustling cocktail bars. Here are the best cocktail cities to visit in the US.

Los Angeles

Whether you’re interested in hitting up the Santa Monica Pier to party and hit the amusement park or you’re looking to rub shoulders with the Hollywood elite on Rodeo Drive, there are plenty of world-class venues to enjoy delicious cocktails in Los Angeles.


Given its golden beaches and vibrant Latin American culture, Miami is a perfect place to try some unique cocktails that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. Sweet Liberty is one hotspot that is sure to impress with its extensive cocktail menu, from the Mexican Mule to their Beast of Bourbon.


Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, you may not expect to find a wide variety of edgy cocktails in the capital of Colorado. Still, it turns out that Denver is the perfect place to party, with many establishments mixing local cuisine with cocktails for an intriguing twist. Yacht Club and Lady Jane are just two prime examples of top cocktail bars in the city.