Best Low-Cost Airlines For Affordable Flight Packages

Air Asia
Photo by Jaja Zainal/Pexels

Each year, Skytrax compares each airline in an effort to determine who truly is ahead of the pack. From the best airlines in the world overall to a range of other categories including low-cost, Skytrax has your back when it comes to helping you choose the best low-cost airline for your trip. Here are the best low-cost airlines according to Skytrax rankings that you can take for an affordable flight package.


Specializing in flights across the Asian continent, AirAsia provides unbeatable deals if your destination is in the Far East. In addition to cheap flights, AirAsia offers a range of package deals including hotels.


Based in Singapore, Scoot specializes in long-haul flights at an exceptionally low cost. In fact, Scoot guarantees that its prices will at least match if not beat those listed on low-fare websites.

Southwest Airlines

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Southwest Airlines is the ideal airline for you if you’re looking for short-haul flights within the U.S. With 120 destinations within the U.S., this low-cost carrier has started flying to 10 additional destinations abroad including Mexico, Belize, and Jamaica.