Best Travel Destinations for “Lord of the Rings” Fans

Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand
Photo by Nikhil Prasad on Unsplash

If you’re a big fan of the Hobbit series, you must be aware of the theme parks around the world that are known for all things “Hobbit.” Lucky for you, you have come to the right place! We compiled a short list of our top travel destinations to satisfy your excitement and curiosity on all things Hobbit-related. Keep reading for our top destinations for feeling like a hobbit.

Hobbiton Movie Set Tours- Matamata, New Zealand

Theres no place better to feel like a Hobbit than the set of “Lord of the Rings. This set is a significant filming location and is a must visit on your next trip to New Zealand. This is a great place to explore the inner world of Lord of the Rings on the lush green pastures that New Zealand is known for.

Hobbitenango – Antigua, Guatemala

This theme park is a wonderful place to explore whether or not you’re a Lord of the Rings fanatic. The park offers exceptional viewpoint of volcanic mountains, that offer amazing photo ops. Each statue is unique to the trilogy. Make sure to pose in front of the big hand for the ultimate Hobbit photo!

West Midlands, United Kingdom

For our last destination, head to the UK, just between England and Wales, where the author. J.R.R Tolkien grew up, and where by most of the scenery described in the series is inspired. Visitors can explore the “Tolkien Trail,” including the small hamlet of Sarehole, which inspired most of “Middle Earth” as described in the series.