Bristol is One of the Coolest Cities for Millennials

Image by shauking from Pixabay

In the southwest of England lies a hip and young city called Bristol. It’s home to a few museums, zoos and even 19th-century warehouses.

This small city only has 459,300 people, with almost half of the generation comprised of Generation Y and Millennials. Another fun fact is that it came in at 25 as the Millennials’ ideal destination, according to researchers.

So what’s so great about Bristol? Let’s find out!

Graffiti Art

The art scene in Bristol is electric, since a large number of young people are into the arts. Expect to see graffiti art on almost every street – brimming with splashes of colors and figures.

Swarms of Bars and Restaurants

Avocado sandwiches, iced coffee, and tapas bars can be found all over Bristol. These places are drawing millennials in because of their diverse menu courses. This Mackarel a la plancha looks exquisite – rest assured the restaurants in Bristol will always be a unique experience every time.

Plenty of Parties

In a city of young people, expect street parties. Bristol has many bustling streets where young people can hang out with their friends and listen to up-and-coming DJs. There are many spots to sit down and enjoy a drink while taking in the ambiance and city life of Bristol.