The Tale Of An Island

Image by krystianwin from Pixabay

In a land far, far away, behind the seven mountains and the seven seas, lays an exotic island with a lake. And in that lake lies another island. On that island, there’s another beautiful lake. And finally, this lake hosts another small island, which is actually an extinguished volcanic crater.

This sounds like something between a Russian nesting doll and the setting for a magical fairytale, and the latter is entirely true.

Such an island really exists and it’s located in the far south of Luzon Island, which belongs to the northern end of the Philippines and is the country’s largest and most populous island, known for its majestic mountains and vibrant coral reefs. 

This place, which sounds like something Dante Alighieri would write about, is more than fascinating. It is so unique that it’s considered a standing proof of how extraordinary this planet can be.  

If you decide to visit Luzon Island and its many islands within, be prepared for some stunning views, colorful flora and fauna, crystal clear water and many friendly local fishermen. Each of them has a cool story about their beloved island, so be sure to stick around and learn!