South America’s Top Aquariums are Worth Visiting

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

South America might not be the most famous region on Earth for its aquariums, but if you look past the surface, marine life lovers will actually find all kinds of fantastic places to observe sea life in this wonderful continent.

Here are the three best aquariums in South America, all of which are definitely worth a visit if you find yourself close by!

Marine Aquarium of Rio de Janeiro (AquaRio)

The largest and newest aquarium in all of South America is AquaRio, located in the Brazilian megacity of Rio de Janeiro. This massive aquarium was opened in October of 2016 and was financed by the Brazilian government. It has unforgettable tunnels and its tanks include specimens of over 350 species of marine life.

Mundo Marino (San Clemente del Tuyu, Argentina)

This unique outdoor aquarium is located outside of Buenos Aires in the town of San Clemente del Tuyu. While visitors love the animals that the aquarium puts on display, its main focus is the conservation and protection of marine life.

São Paulo Aquarium

Brazil’s other entry on the list belongs to the biggest city in the country, Sao Paulo. This spacious aquarium has thousands of examples of sea life such as sharks, penguins, and even polar bears! Ocean lovers are sure to marvel at its many interesting specimens.