Countries You Can Visit Where Tipping Is Optional If Not Prohibited

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

In the United States, tipping at restaurants, hotels, and taxis is so commonplace that it’s pretty much a part of the culture. Still, not every country feels that way. Here are some countries where it may be better for you not to be overly generous.


While Australians are not strangers to tipping, it certainly isn’t a common practice there. While tipping around 10% in restaurants is not unheard of, tipping taxi drivers is pretty much nonexistent.

Czech Republic

Although tipping is not practiced among locals, this European country sees so much tourism that there is a growing expectation for tourists to leave a little extra at hotels. Still, tipping is generally limited to tourist hotspots such as Prague.


Not only is tipping discouraged in Singapore but it’s outlawed. This means no service charges at restaurants or for taxis. Still, tipping bellboys in hotels is viewed as acceptable.