Embrace Winter Weather On A City Break

Winter travel
Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

Winter weather can get a lot of people down, as the dark closes in and rain falls for days on end. A break away can be a great way to reset, and don’t worry if you’re heading somewhere just as cold and wet as where you live – there are ways to make the most of wintry weather on a city break, and it can even be viewed as a bonus (as long as you love curling up in cozy cafes with a book and wandering around stunning art galleries). Check out these tips on how to embrace the season wherever you’re heading.

Pack Sensibly

Your trip will be much more bearable if you have a decent coat and waterproof shoes to see you around the streets of the city you’re visiting. Prioritize packing these above all else when you’re getting ready to go. The aim of a winter city break is to spend as much time as possible inside, soaking up the arts, culture and cuisine, but on those occasions you do need to brave the elements, you’ll want a good coat.

Book In For Brunch

View eating out as a central part of the holiday and make sure you have at least one meal a day booked in a place that looks great. Sitting inside, surrounded by warmth and chatter, it’s easy to forget about the weather outside. Warm, hearty food will also help banish those winter blues.

Check Out The Arts

Head to a city that has plenty to offer in terms of museums and art galleries, and you’ll barely notice the weather outside. Once you’re absorbed in looking at fascinating, beautiful artworks, it won’t matter that it’s pouring outside. You will need to step outside when you leave the galleries, which is why that coat is so important.