National Parks for Nature Lovers to Check Out in Australia

Uluru & Kata Tjura National Park, Australia
Uluru & Kata Tjura National Park, Australia. Photo by Ondrej Machart on Unsplash

Australia is a paradise of diverse and pristine landscapes that make it the perfect destination for nature-loving travelers. With over 700 national parks, tourists in the land down under have no shortage of options to choose from, ranging from protected coastal ecosystems to the dry and spacious outback. If you’re considering a trip to Australia and want to experience the great outdoors, read on to learn more about some of its best national parks. 

Royal National Park

As the second-oldest national park in the world, Royal National Park in New South Wales has stood as an emblem of coastal beauty since 1879. The park is known for its idyllic beaches, dramatic cliffs, and hidden sea caves, which make it a haven for beach and nature enthusiasts alike. Visitors should be sure to check out the iconic Figure Eight Pools and take a stroll on the Coastal Track.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

In the northern outback, Australia’s Red Center is home to the spectacular Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, an expansive park recognizable by its massive copper-colored sandstones. These geological formations are considered sacred by the indigenous populations that have inhabited the area, and watching the sunset over the landscape, it’s easy to understand why. 

Karijini National Park

For a traditional outback adventure, head to Karijini National Park in Western Australia. Known for its waterfalls and towering canyons, the park has an otherworldly feel rarely found outside of the deep wilderness. Hikers looking to explore the terrain can choose from any of 19 trails ranging from easy to challenging. We love the Dales Gorges Loop, a moderate hike that includes the tranquil Fern Pool and several scenic lookouts.