Ever Wanted To Go Cruising Through Antarctica? Now You Can!

Photo by henrique setim on Unsplash

The last place in the world that has no government or much contact with the outside world now offers a 12-day cruise. Let’s see what you will experience if you decide to take this amazing challenge.  


While on this journey, you will realize how far Antarctica really is. Just the flight to start the cruise takes a few days.  After leaving the port, you will spend many days on the boat surrounded by only water. There is Wi-Fi on board, but the connection is so slow you will give up on it in the first hour.


 Some days you will have a smooth sail, and others you will get huge waves and not be as comfortable. 

Once you reach your first land destination, all of your clothes must undergo an agricultural inspection, ensuring that you haven’t accidentally transported seeds that might bring life to the continent.   


When you are safe, you can go ahead and take a walk. On the walk you’ll see penguins and seals chilling on the ice. Because they rarely see people, they will not be afraid of you, but you should always keep a distance of four meters from them unless a penguin comes close to you and asks for a pet session.