Fall Food in Vermont is Something You Must Try

This summer has been a weird one but it’s nearly over. We’re getting ready for fall that will also be largely focused on the pandemic and everything it brought us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a short trip while following all the required safety measures. If you live near Vermont and can spare several days to visit the area, here are the foods you must try.


While maple syrup is a staple food in Vermont, their chocolates and bonbons are absolutely worth a try. You can find a great selection of flavors and kinds, from hand-made bonbons, bars of dark chocolate, chocolate-covered fruit, etc.


Cheese making is a proper art form in Vermont. It evolved from being simply a culinary trade and now you can find cheeses that have won many awards all over the place. You can taste over 150 cheese varieties made by more than 45 cheesemakers.

Apple Cider

There’s no better feeling in the fall than drinking delicious apple cider with a view of nature in the fall. Vermont is known for beautiful fall scenery so enjoy it as you sip some local cider.