Travel the World—Nordic Style—with Katja Presnal

Nordic culture is all about minimalism and harmony between man and nature. But according to the owner and founder of Skimbaco lifestyle brand, Katja Presnal, a Nordic lifestyle is also about finding your unique self in each moment, and living in the here and now. The kind of lifestyle we want to get behind.

Based in Finland, Presnal—a hopeless romantic and adventurer—hopes to motivate others to follow her lead. Her online magazine and social media pages are filled with travel and lifestyle recommendations based on the Nordic ideals, as well as short, uplifting memos that aim at inspiring you to live life to the fullest.

“Don’t waste time,” reads one quote, while another reminds us that a forest is a great place to be physically distant. According to Presnal, her love of all things nature ties with her Finnish upbringing. “Being close to nature is important to Finns,” writes Presnal on a dedicated post on her website, “and a forest is a place for everything from soul-seeking to outdoor adventures to picking up berries.”

She stresses that in Finland, all are welcome to enjoy the fruit of the green lush forests. “Everyone has a right to pick up berries and mushrooms from the forests and enjoy the nature,” writes Presnal, noting that with 78% of Finland’s landscape a forest, Finland is the tenth most foresty country in the world.

Her Instagram page might just inspire you to take a hike – quite literally.