Four Enchantingly Romantic Places In Europe That Are Perfect For The Big Question

Choosing a place to ask the big question is no easy task – everyone looks for a unique and special place that will stay in loving and cherished memory for the rest of one’s life. In this article, we will talk about the five loveliest spots in Europe where you could ask for the big YES!

The Wiener Riesenrad   

The romantic setting and the breathtaking view from Vienna’s giant Ferris wheel makes this the perfect location to propose to your loved one. Although it’s found in a big city, this place will give you the intimacy you need for this important moment.   

Charles Bridge in Prague  

Old Prague is one of the most romantic locations in Europe, and Charles Bridge is the pride of this stunning city. The charming atmosphere and the beauty of the old architecture will give you the courage to finally pop the big question!

Peterhof Lower Gardens in Saint Petersburg  

Rightfully called the Russian Versailles, this extraordinary place will impress your partner with its incredible beauty, and make it easier for you to sweep them off their feet!  

Santorini Island, Greece  

One of the most recognizable and popular summer destinations in Europe, Santorini is also a place that provides the perfect background for the most romantic moment of your life.