Hobbiton, the Magical Village in New Zealand

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

You’ve probably come across this magical place on your internet feed at some point. I mean, how can you ignore this enchanting village that looks like it came out of a fantasy book?

Years ago, the movie Lord of the Rings was filmed here for the entire duration of the Shire scenes. The creators wanted to keep the natural look of Hobbiton and use minimal non-permanent materials and polystyrene.

Even if you’re not big Tolkien fans, you’ll surely be enthralled by the rustic tiny houses and overgrown greenery.

Imagine Living Here

If everyone could live here for a few days every month, the world would be a more peaceful place.

The Sunrise Awaits You

The glowing sunrise is certainly a sight not to be missed in Hobbiton.

A Feast for a King

You’ll feel like the king of Hobbits when you try out their food tours. Sample some of New Zealand’s fresh vegetables and herbs while chomping on freshly baked bread. Cheers!