Would You Spend €900 to Stay at Sweden’s New Floating Hotel?

Sweden is home to many breathtaking landmarks, but their latest tourist attraction is giving us pause.

A floating hotel and spa called Arctic Bath is set to open later this year, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

This visionary circular complex features a total of 12 rooms, including six on the water and six on land. It also has a spa, cold bath, hot bath, different saunas, a shop, a bar and a restaurant.

Long story short, it comes with everything your heart desires if you have at least €900 to spare and want to know what it feels like to stay at a hotel that’s floating on the Lule River, or standing frozen in place during wintertime.

According to AnnKathrin Lundqvist, one of the designers working on this unusual project, their main goal was to provide guests with an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

“The Arctic Bath really is a first – it’s a special spa experience. So much thought, engineering and ingenuity have come together to provide visitors with an experience they can’t find anywhere else,” said Lundqvist in a statement.