How To Access Airport Lounges Without Flying First Class

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
Photo by mark chaves on Unsplash

Airport lounges have long been viewed as an exclusive luxury for the wealthiest of travelers. Today, however, those who can enter airport lounges are no longer an exclusive club. Here are some alternative ways that you can enjoy the lush furniture and scrumptious meals offered in airport lounges without paying the heavy price of a first-class ticket.

Use A Premium Credit Card

Your credit card may grant you access to airport lounges without even knowing it! From the Platinum Card by American Express to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, there is an array of credit cards that offer this juicy perk. Speak with your bank to find out if your credit card provides access and, if not, what cards you can switch to that do.

Day Pass

While annual lounge memberships are an option, these can be costly, especially if you don’t travel often. Instead, consider booking a daily pass to your airport lounge of choice. While prices vary, some airline-based credit cards such as the United Explorer Card offer some free daily entrances, so it’s always a good idea to check if this applies to you.

Use LoungeBuddy

Available on iPhone, the LoungeBuddy app enables you to search for lounges in whatever airport you’re traveling to. This app is able to show you which lounges you already have free access to as well as allowing you to book your spot in paid lounges.