How to Pack for Rainy Destinations

Rain Gear
Photo by Steve Gale on Unsplash

When you’ve been planning a vacation for what feels like an eternity, few things can dampen the excitement quite like a forecast calling for rain at your destination. Even in places where gloomy weather is a regular occurrence, rain can disrupt travel plans and make it more difficult to find your way around. While there’s not much that can be done to make rain go away, coming prepared with proper clothing and equipment will help keep you comfortable as you weather the storm. Read on for some tips on how to pack for rainy destinations.

Pack Waterproof Essentials

More important than anything is to make sure you’ve got good quality waterproof basics. Invest in a durable, yet lightweight rain jacket that fits into your luggage and is easy to carry around as you explore, and remember to include a compact umbrella that you can take out in the event of unexpected downpours.

Choose Proper Footwear 

Soggy feet are not only incredibly uncomfortable, they can leave you susceptible to injury and infection. To keep your feet warm and dry, pack waterproof boots or shoes to wear whenever the forecast calls for rain. You’ll be more comfortable walking around and will also be less likely to slip and fall on wet surfaces. 

Layering is Key

If you prefer to take a minimalist approach when it comes to packing, prioritize versatile pieces that are easy to layer. For example, include a few lightweight, moisture-wicking base layers to keep you dry and a sweater or sweatshirt that can provide insulation without adding bulk. To save more space in your suitcase, wear your waterproof jacket on the plane.