The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the UK

British Souvenirs
Photo by jossie hu on Unsplash

Wherever our travels take us, one of our favorite ways to keep the memories alive is by bringing home souvenirs that are unique to our destination. Whether that be food, trinkets, or anything in between, these items can serve as a reminder of the experiences we’ve had in a specific place and make for great gifts for loved ones back home. The UK, in particular, is home to plenty of fun, delicious, and high-quality goods that we love to bring back whenever we visit. Here are a few of our favorites.  

Loose Leaf Tea

If there’s one thing that England is known for around the world, it’s tea, and the country’s signature drink also happens to make for a fantastic souvenir. Traditionally, tea is consumed in a looseleaf form, though plenty of well-known brands also offer sachets and tea bags, as well. Check out local tea shops such as Twinings and Fortnum & Mason to explore different blends and find the perfect tea to take home with you.

Harry Potter Merchandise

Even though The Wizarding World is now located in Universal Studios, the UK is still a great place to find all sorts of magical goods. Fans of the Harry Potter series can shop for scarves in all of the Hogwarts house colors as well as wands and other collectible items. For a tour, visit the Warner Bros. Studio in London, or check out smaller shops such as House of MinaLima.

British Chocolates

We know what you’re thinking—chocolate from England? While it’s true that the UK isn’t exactly famous for its cocoa-based confections, it’s actually the home of several high quality brands that can give Swiss chocolatiers a run for their money. If you or someone you love has a sweet tooth, consider picking up treats from Cadbury, Green & Black’s as a delicious way to remember your time in Britain.