Looking for Travel Inspiration? Here Are Three Underrated Places to Visit Around the World

Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan. Photo by Aaron Santelices on Unsplash

Traveling invokes a certain wanderlust spirit and appetite that must be unleashed. Whether you are a fan of nature, art, or history, we’ve got you covered with a short list with some of the most underrated places to visit on your next trip around the world.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Also known as “The Blue Pearl of Morocco,” this gem hidden up North in Morocco is famous for its narrow streets, art, and mountainous views. The entire city is painted blue, and is a peaceful respite from the rest of the bustling cities in Morocco. Be sure to stay in some of the city’s most beautiful architectural homes, knows as Riad’s, as you sip on mint tea and overlook the Riff Mountains.


Nestled deep in the Himalayan’s, Bhutan is a tranquil, Buddhist kingdom, often overlooked by its neighboring countries in South East Asia. Bhutan is a wonderful escape for travelers looking for nature with mountain views, ancient monasteries, and interesting history. Often dubbed as the “Switzerland of Asia,” Bhutan only opened for tourism in the 1970s making a truly hidden gem and a must visit.

Surigao del Sur, Philippines

If you’re a fan of nature, islands, and water you should definitely add the Philippines to your bucket list. Nestled behind the rocky mountains is Surigao del Sir, a small province with a river that looks straight out of a fairytale. The river and the nature of this province is a respite from the crowds in the more touristy areas.