How to Use Instagram as a Source of Travel Inspiration

The times when we used travel guides to plan our next trip are long behind us, as we mostly switched to looking for travel inspiration online. Instagram can be especially useful, as long as you know exactly where to look.

Travel-themed Pages

Instead of following a bunch of individual travel bloggers, opt for several travel-themed boards. They collect the very best photos from all over Instagram in one place, and you can use them to discover a lot of new places around the world.

Useful Information

One of the best things about travel-themed hubs is that they often write detailed posts with a lot of useful information. That’s why you should give extra attention to captions before giving new pages a follow, and make sure they’re interesting and insightful.

Ideas for Photos

If you’re still new to photography, you won’t be 100% sure how to capture some tourist attractions before seeing other people do it. Going through hashtags and geotags on Instagram can be a great source of inspiration for future photos of the place you’re visiting.