Lesser-Known Islands to Visit in Greece

Skopelos, Greece
Skopelos, Greece. Photo by Evangelia Pap on Unsplash

We love Mykonos and you can’t beat the sunset over Santorini, but these Greek islands’ popularity as top travel destinations can come at a cost. Good luck getting a hotel room at a decent price during peak travel season, and let us know if you figure out how to take pictures without a crowd of people in the background. All of this is not to say you can’t enjoy a beautiful getaway in Hellada. There are over 200 inhabited Greek Islands and some of them can definitely be considered hidden gem vacation destinations. 


This island is considered to be one of the world’s “Blue Zones,” meaning the environment is conducive to old age. Perhaps it’s the salt air, the local cuisine, or a combination of both, but Ikaria’s residents seem to live long, happy, healthy lives. Sign up for a longevity retreat to learn more about the Ikarian way of life.


If you’re looking for the aesthetic of Mykonos without the crowds, ferry over to Tinos. The island is known for its traditional villages, fresh, local cuisine, and beautiful beaches.


If you’ve ever seen Mama Mia, you’re already familiar with Skopelos, the location that posed as the fictional island of Kalokairi. Skopelos is known for its hiking trails, blue beaches, and world-renowned plums and prunes, which are eaten fresh all summer long.