The Most Underrated Cities in Europe

Brasov, Romania
Brasov, Romania. Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

London, Paris, Rome—while these are all amazing cities and we’d certainly never want to discourage travelers from enjoying everything that they have to offer, they can also be quite crowded. Their popularity as tourist destinations can make affordable accommodation hard to find and everyday purchases may be more expensive than they would be elsewhere. If you’re dying to see the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, by all means, book a flight, but if you’re just looking to get away and are open to exploring some lesser-known spots, why not check out one of these cities in Europe?

Hallstatt, Austria

This Austrian village is most famous for its production of salt, but it’s really worth visiting for the nature and views. Go for a hike in the Echern Valley Glacier Garden or go for a swim in Lake Hallstatt in the summer. 

Zadar, Croatia

We think Croatia as a travel destination, in general, is underrated, but its smaller cities are definitely deserving of some love. We especially love Zadar, a historic town on the Dalmatian coast that’s well-known for its buildings and close proximity to national parks. 

Brasov, Romania

Enjoy views of the Carpathian mountains and authentic Romanian culture in this small city located 2.5 hours outside the capital of Bucharest. Brasov is full of historic buildings and not far from Dracula’s castle in Bran.